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Akasa Yoga Studio
COVID-19 Guidelines

With effective immediately, you have to show us the proof of fully vaccinated when entering the studio. The vaccine certificate will be presented in digital or paper copy along with a government-issued photo id.

If you are medical exempted, please provide paper proof from a physician.

Vaccine certificate download link: https://covid19.ontariohealth.ca/

Before you attend any class
1. If you feel you are sick, please don't attend any class until you are recovered
2. No drop-in class is provided, please book a class online before attending any class
3. Arrive studio no more than 15 minutes before class start. The main entrance is keeping closed and locked until 15 minutes before class start
4. Latecomers will not be permitted into the studio

When you enter the studio
1. You are required to wear a mask all the time
2. Sanitize your hands
3. Accept temperature check
4. Sign the Visitor Form
5. Stay at the practice spot we assigned
6. Don't use changing room and locker
7. Bring only essential personal belonging into the studio

When class start
Stay at the practice spot we assigned

When class finish
1. Sanitize your hands
2. Leave the studio as soon as possible if you have no more class
3. Stay at the practice spot if you have another class

To enforce the highest standard of hygiene practices:

For Hatha Yoga:
No yoga mat and props are provided, please bring your yoga mat and props

For Hanuman Yoga:
The attendee must use his/her strap which has to be purchased from Akasa Yoga at $20 each

Akasa Yoga

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